Dear Son,

Here is my considered advice on t’interweb.

I once logged into my ITunes account at the Waldorf in New York (you remember that posh place?) which was a teensy bit of a mistake. Well, I can only imagine it was that, as someone from China then helpfully tried to buy £800 of…whatever you do exactly buy off ITunes – I’ve never understood it really – and when my bank got suspicious of the odd activity they put a halt to my credit card. Yes, we were left stranded in New York with no money. I’m sure you must remember my panic.

Luckily Cathy helped us out and we got round it, but I still imagine a furtive Chinese man sitting in a booth in the lobby of the Waldorf, hunched over his computer, cackling, as he lifts all my info. It’s a disturbing image and is still my greatest internet fear….

So, in a pathetic conclusion, never, ever, EVER, log in to anything important (ie. to do with your money) from an unsecured line. Especially in a posh place like the Waldorf where people sit and wait, cackling.

How do I know you’ll ignore this info? Oh yes, that’s it – you’re my son!

This post is my entry into the Check and Secure challenge. For more advice on family safety online, see Mums on Security



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