A crazy little thing called job

Yay! I seem to have gotten myself a couple of reviewing jobs! Proper ones – apart from the bit about there being no pay *sigh*

I am excited and apprehensive in equal measures. My confidence is never good at best, and when I have to begin new things it plummets to a new low.

So I must start doing some proper proper PROPER serious reviews on the blog to get my hand in. The problem is, I like writing the waffly bits between the lines and round the edges more than the actual meat of the review. Perhaps I can include the silly bits in here and save the sensible bits for the stuff for the other websites.

It’s that ‘serious’ bit that really worries me and throws me. I do tend to hide behind a laugh. Then I don’t have to worry so much about people disagreeing with me. It struck me last night that the thing that I hate most in life is ‘being told off’….in general. It makes my skin crawl.

It also struck me that I really underestimate how good I am at beating myself repeatedly over my own head. So I shall bloody well stop it. Now…..

Bang! Oh bollocks.


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